You tell us all about it

We’ll meet (virtually or in person) and learn all the details, big and small. We want to get to know all about you and your story, as well as your hopes and dreams for this celebration. We’ll also dive deep into aspects like aesthetics, budget, guest list, and many other details.   

We start planning

We use all this information to put together your core documents, which will be the foundation for our planning process. These include your planning timeline, budget, and design brief. These core documents will provide our roadmap, guiding us through the planning process with clear objectives and a cohesive vision. 

Our team will be at the helm of all the planning and design, giving you the luxury of simply working with us rather than keeping track of countless separate vendors. Instead of feeling overwhelmed or a sense of chaos, you’ll be able to sit back and enjoy the process. 

Whether you have a million details swirling around in your head, or just a vague feeling of what your celebration could be, we're here to support you and bring your vision to life.

Dreaming up thoughtful, personalized details that tell your story, is at the heart of our design process. From there, we work with you to create a visually stunning and cohesive experience that will wow your guests and evoke warm memories while creating new ones. 

Along the way, we oversee each and every detail, making sure everything looks just right.

We create your design 

After building your dream team of florists, chefs, musicians, and more, we’re ready to lead and direct them all during your celebration, from start to finish. Our team is at the helm, making sure every detail is executed to perfection while you’re busy enjoying your guests with a beverage in hand.

We bring your celebration to life 

Tell us about your upcoming celebration