We want to tell your story

Sharing your story is our favorite part of the job! We listen and design experiences that allow you to connect with your community in a thoughtful and intimate way, whether the guest list is 5 or 500, by customizing each event with details inspired by your unique story and point of view. 

We value every moment of your experience, including the season of planning

As magical as the big event might be, we believe that it might not be worth it if you’re in agony for months leading up to it. Your season of planning is just as important as your celebration, and you deserve to not just “get through it” but to have fun and enjoy it! Although there may be disappointments or differing opinions along the way (as with most significant undertakings), we can provide a steady center to guide you through this season with honesty, creativity, compassion, and wisdom.

No one can :). That’s why we’ve spent years creating a network of impeccable artists and craftspeople to help us make each event come to life. Our network is filled with small business owners who are not only producing original, creative, and beautiful work but who are also experts in their own right, with the experience to back it up. And our community is constantly growing!

We can’t do it alone

The guest experience is the final filter that we run each decision through. We thoughtfully lead your guests through each celebration, using the fine art of exceptional hospitality to inspire joy, connection, and new memories that will last a lifetime. Of course, this will apply to you as well, as the honored guest.

We understand that exceptional hospitality is a fine art

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